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11/9/12 02:22 pm - Test

I am alive.  I have decided I want to start writing here again.  FB is fine, but it's not easy for me to be introspective there.  Not a safe place. 

So mostly I'm just doing a test to make sure that I didn't tie this to my FB page in anyway.

9/1/09 07:50 am - Bowling for Soup

So, our dogs are stars!

Bowling for Soup asked for video of Wiener dogs for their cleaned-up version of "My Wena".  And we obliged.  ChouChou and Zucca are at about 21 seconds, and Kiri immediately after at about 24 seconds.  (The dirty version has a girl dressed up in a giant penis costume.)

Also, I apologize.  I thought I posted this twice, accidentally deleted it - now reposting.

8/31/09 07:32 am - Teaching Lanie to cook

Since I knew I would be broke this summer - and Lanie wouldn't be in daycare - I tried to think of some fun activities for the house.  At some point, I decided on cooking as our main learning project.  She's 7 1/2 and she's reading very well.  She enjoys helping in the kitchen and she follows directions well so I thought we were good and ready.

So I started scouring bookstores for a good beginning cookbook.  But I had a hard time finding a true "cook" book for Lanie.   There were lots of kids cookbooks but they were mostly novelty or snack items - making funny-face pancakes or a hot dog that looks like an octopus.  I wanted something that would actually help teach her the basics so she could make a meal.

Finally, I came across this in a used bookstore (click on the pic to see it at Amazon):

And boy, was I glad I did!

It's published by Klutz Press.  It's spiral bound and the pages can be easily wiped clean.  Each recipe has the ingredients listed by words and pictures.  And some of the recipe instructions have pictures also - but not all of them.  It has REAL food that we both would eat.  Here are a few recipes that we tried:  Crunchy chicken legs, Scrambled Eggs, Raisin Bran Muffins, Ready Spaghetti, and Hidden Hot Dogs.

All of the recipes referred to the child as "The chef" and the grown up as "The assistant".  Lanie loved that.  

As an adult (and a foodie), my main complaint was that some of the dishes were a little bland.  The crunchy chicken legs were coated in corn flake crumbs and the recipe called for the seasoning (salt, pepper, paprika) to be shaken on top of the corn flake crumbs (not put on the chicken directly).  I KNEW that was going to turn into bland chicken but I allowed Lanie to do it by the recipe and then we talked about how sometimes things can be changed a little the next time you make a recipe.  

Also, (because I know some people would be more worried about this than others) a few of the recipes are a little dated and don't give a lot of thought about fat or calories.  Still, there was nothing terribly extreme - and we balanced out each meal with fruit/veg and milk or juice.  And there is a section on making "non-yukky" vegetables - and a few salad recipes also.

But those are really minor complaints.  The book was really good for me to help Lanie learn to cook.  She learned to read the whole recipe before starting.  She learned to check the ingredients.  She learned about knife, oven and stove safety.  Overall, it was a really fun summer project and I'm glad we did it!

I would definitely recommend the book to others.

8/26/09 11:37 am - Lanie's first day of school

Pam was nice enough to get up and take pictures of Lanie's first day of school.

This is the best one because it looks so much like HER - the perfect expression on her face.

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Luckily, I'm on the PTA board now and I've volunteered at the school enough that she was fine with me being there on the first day.  There was none of the drama like last year.  I'm sure she'll get older and want me to distance myself more - but she seems to be fine for the time being.  It was a good first day.  I love her teacher and I hope it will be a great year!

7/6/09 09:22 am - July the 4th

We had a fun Independence day.  We went to Fort Worth's Botanical Gardens.  They have a patriotic classical concert and fireworks.  It's really nice.  They have a part where they play a military medley and when service members hear their marching song, they stand up and we all cheer.  I love that. 

This year was hot but not too buggy.  And this year Pam came along so I have pictures! (More behind the cuts)

My icon is from the same concert a few years ago.

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6/1/09 12:15 pm - Pushing Daisies

Thank goodness for DVR.  Otherwise I would never have learned that the first of three unaired episodes of "Pushing Daisies" came on Saturday night.  After my trusty DVR found it, I looked it up and found out that they have re-edited the final episode to allow a bit of closure.  I also found out that they'll be writing a short comic book series to fill in some gaps.  Though I'm a geek, I'm not usually a comic geek, but I think I will make an exception and find out where I'll be able to purchase those books when they come out!

I know that ABC had no faith in this wonderfully quirky series but I still can't believe how quietly they snuck these episodes back on. 

5/26/09 12:17 pm - Wildcat University

Lanie started "Wildcat University" today.  I've never heard of another school doing this before. 

Depending on whether or not the kids passed their benchmark tests, the kids had three options.  So as of Friday, the 22nd:

1) If they failed, they had to stay until June 8th for smaller, more intensive classes and studying.

2) If they passed, Friday could be their last day.  Summer, whoot!

3) If they passed, they could spend the last two weeks doing electives at "Wildcat University".

Lanie is doing the electives.  She was able to choose 3 and her choices were:  "Hands on Science", "Art Gallery", and "Wildcat Camp".  I'm glad she took the science class.  She's very excited about it.  I was worried she'd take scrapbooking because that's what her friend Nicole is doing.

It's the first year they're doing this so I don't know how it will turn out.  We didn't get any instructions or anything.  I would have thought the kids would be allowed to wear jeans and such but it turns out that it is not the case - they're still in uniform.  Luckily I made her wear uniform today just in case.

She was nervous this morning and asked me to walk in with her.  She didn't know if she'd still get lunch and breakfast and didn't know where to go.  But it turns out that every student went to the gym today to get their assigments so as soon as she saw a friend or two, she was ready to cut the apron strings and run off.
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5/26/09 12:15 pm - Darn it.

Yesterday was "Take Your Towel" Day.  And since it was a holiday, I only briefly left the house - and completely forgot to bring it with me!!! 

5/12/09 02:30 pm - Time difference

For those of you who might not know - I'm American, born of American parents.  But I was actually born in Germany, where my father was stationed at the time.

Since I was born at approximately 1:30 AM, when my parents called my grandparents to give them the happy news - it was actually May 11th in the US, but they got the news that I'd been born on the 12th.

I've spent my whole life trying to finagle my presents a day early but it never works.
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5/12/09 12:08 pm - Because this cracked me up so much...

I thought I'd share it. Timberlake just needs to join that cast!

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